Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

20 warehouses, 500 people and an internal order management system that handles over 15,000 orders per day.



2500+ crores





Cities Delivered

250,000+ sqft

Warehousing Space

India Map

how do we do it?

Cold Chain

All our fulfilment centers are equipped with end to end WHO compliant cold storage and transporation

Cold Chain
  • 2 - 8 degree storage
  • 9 - 15 degree storage
  • 16 - 25 degree storage
  • 24x7 temperature monitoring at every location
  • Temperature data loggers in every delivery, digital audited temperature history

how do we do it?

Unity: The brain of Aknamed

Our ERP enables efficient supply chain and ties all our operations across the country together.From a data enriched master catalog that drives system drug intelligence to real time updates for the order lifecycle until payments, our ERP is an easy access one stop for all our teams for materials movement